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Air Freight

Discounted Ship airfreight management capabilities ensure that your cargo reaches any city, country or continent right on time. A range of global partnership agreements with major airlines ensures competitive rates for our customer; plus, you will get top priority with these airlines.​

Discounted Ship

Ground Services

Discounted Ship provides you ground services on domestic level. A complete range to Tracking and tracing also available. We facilitate our customers with all pick, pack and fulfillments. No mater it’s domestic or International Mex worldwide is all the time busy to server her customers with the best of services ever.​

Discounted Ship

Ware Housing

Discounted Ship extensive experience in warehousing and distribution means that we are equipped to handle all sorts of sensitive products and information. We provide a total supply chain solution for your products and also handle reverse logistics. In the main warehouse, a temperature controlled area of 5,000 square foot is dedicated to temperature sensitive items such as nutritional supplements. Our stringent security measures include round-the-clock guards on patrol and a CCTV system to keep your previous goods safe.​

Ecommerce Integration

Our Services

  • UPS, USPS, FedEx shipping service
  • Our road haulage products offer services that ensure the integrity and safe monitoring of your products until delivery.
  • Our knowledge of the local terrain enables us to provide unmatched secondary distribution services.
  • Our experienced and professional teams facilitate the modelling and execution of projects from commencement to conclusion.
  • We deliver to over 20000 cities and villages connected to our 46 distribution centres across united states.
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Discounted Ship Carriers

Discounted Ship
Discounted Ship

Private Customers

We provide shipping facilities to private customers so that they can deliver what they want and where they want.

Discounted Ship

Business Customers

We provide shippin facilities to the business so that they can ship anywhere in the globe to continue their business.

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