Does UPS Charge by Weight or Size of the Package?

UPS is a US-based parcel delivery company that delivers to almost all of the world’s countries. Their impeccable customer satisfaction rating and competitive rates make them a preferred choice for international customers.

Although the main factors that affect the cost of shipping are the weight, dimension, and destination, other charges such as customs and import taxes can also apply.

Depending on the size of the package and its destination, as well as the weight and other factors, shipping costs can vary for different carriers. However, these costs can also be affected by various factors such as taxes and fees.

UPS Shipping Cost by Weight: The base rate that UPS charges for a shipment is based on the package’s weight. If the package’s weight increases to a certain amount, the rate will go up.


UPS Shipping Cost by Size: The size of a package is often a major factor in determining the cost of shipping. In most cases, a larger package is required to meet the threshold.


UPS Shipping Cost by Destination: The base rate that UPS charges for domestic packages is based on the area where the package is delivered. It uses zones to determine the area’s highest rate.


UPS Shipping Cost by Domestic/International: Although both carriers have the same base rate for international packages, many of the additional costs that they incur for international shipping are also applicable to other carriers.

How Size Affect UPS Shipping Rates

In the world of packaging, size is very important. Unfortunately, this can be a bit of a pain point for small parcel shippers.

Due to the recent rate hikes, both FedEx and UPS have started charging for the large packages that enter their networks. In 2018, the two carriers have started covering packages that are larger than 96 inches long.

In 2018, both carriers added an amendment to their respective rules that covers packages that are 96 inches long or larger.

Although the change didn’t have much of an impact on many companies, it did create additional charges for some. In 2018, UPS became the second major carrier to charge for large packages.

In July, UPS is increasing its Large Package Surcharge from $80 to $90 for residential customers. This new charge will apply to packages that are larger than 96 inches long or exceed 130 inches in length and girth.

Here are 3 factors affecting how much you’ll be charged for shipping a box:

Factor 1: Most of the time, the boxes’ bottom half is where the calculations for the dimension are made. Doing so can lead to errors and, in some cases, higher package costs.

The bottom half of boxes typically displays the internal measurements of the box. These measurements help customers understand what size package to expect based on their current measurements.

Factor 2: The second important variable is the type of cardboard used for the boxes. In double-wall and heavy-duty boxes, the external dimension is different than that of a single-wall box.

Even though the walls of a heavy-duty box are generally thinner than that of a standard box, the size of the package can still vary depending on the carrier’s charges.

Factor 3: The third variable is the type of cardboard used for the box. One particular type that’s prone to get damaged is the single-wall box. This is because it’s more prone to getting crushed or stuffed than other boxes. In most cases, double-wall boxes are also more durable than single-wall ones.

Many facilities of both FedEx and UPS use automated scanners to measure the size of their packages. When a box bulges, the scanner will determine a longer and wider dimension.

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